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RPKC Kids Martial Arts Classes:

Whether your child starts out in our Little Warriors class, or is ready for the Juniors Program.....

Enrolling your child can be the best decision you will make!

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"Thank you for helping me keep my son off the street, out of trouble and focused on something worthwhile. I am so grateful for the community that Master Rifkin, Tammy Rifkin and Chassity Inlow, have provided for my son. I have done my best to raise him with morals and respect but I could not have done it alone. I love and appreciate you all for loving my family and being the support system I needed even though you may not have realized you were filling that space in our lives." -Regina(July 2016)

You might naturally associate martial arts with hollywood stunts and kicks and punches, but the self-defense aspect of martial arts is just part of it. Children that learn martial arts develop the confidence to know that if they are ever bullied, they have the skills they need to defend themselves. However, the real skill we teach is diffusing situations with words before they ever escalate to a physical level.

We teach children to focus. In this age of distractions and sensory overload, this is a skill that will provide immediate results in their academic work. 

Martial arts help teach self-discipline and socialization skills. In fact, many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) report great success with these programs because self-control and concentration are commonly underdeveloped skills in ADHD kids.

And did we mention ... martial arts are FUN!

Consider these benefits of martial arts when enrolling your child:

• Fosters self-discipline

• Boosts socialization skills

• Encourages physical activity

• Teaches kids to set and achieve goals

• Increases self-esteem

• Instills a sense of respect

• Encourages non-violent conflict resolution

• Improves listening skills

• Develops teamwork skills

• Improvement in other areas of life

What does "improvement in other areas of life" mean? It can mean getting better grades in school, knowing how to use anti-bullying programs to prevent violence amongst peers, or simply the appreciation that comes from learning and mastering a difficult skill through practice.

Perhaps most importantly, students learn that physical activity is a healthy way to have fun. With health problems such as diabetes and obesity affecting more and more young people, parents should take steps to help their children avoid these issues. Children's martial arts gives kids a fun way to exercise, learn essential life lessons and develop a sense of self-reliance.

At Rifkin Professional Karate Center, we Teach the Same Values You Teach at Home.

Our martial arts classes foster respect in all senses of the word. Your children will learn not only to respect others, but to respect themselves as well. Self-confidence is key in carrying respect into the home, school, and other social situations.

Little Warriors

"Master Rifkin has an incredible program that I can't speak of highly enough. This discipline has benefited, and will continue to benefit, my girly in every aspect of her life, and I don't say that lightly. Master Rifkin's lessons don't end on the mat. Mad respect. If you or your kiddo have even the slightest inkling, please do check out Rifkin Professional Karate Center."- Laura (June, 2016)


Our Little Warriors program has been specially designed for children ages 6 and up. Students will attend 3 Private Lessons to prepare for entry into our Beginner Juniors Class. In the Juniors Class, students learn self-discipline in a fun, structured program that helps build self-control, balance, fitness and flexibility. They'll improve their focus, listening skills, self-esteem, gross motor skills, and more.


We recognize that 6 year olds have very different developmental needs than their older counterparts. This program bridges that developmental gap and prepares younger students for entry into the next level of their training.

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6+ Yrs

45-minute classes

Seating for parents

3 Private Lessons + Free uniform


Juniors Martial Arts

"Master Rifkin works them hard and makes them earn everything. Every achievement is earned through hard work and sweat. That's why he is the best at what he does."- Randy L (2016)

Aside from making children fit and teaching them real-world self-defense, it also teaches the life skills your child needs like confidence, leadership and self control.

Our martial arts classes foster respect in all senses of the word. Your children will learn not only to respect others, but to respect themselves as well. 
Your child will learn to interact and work with others. Not only that, it’s incredibly good exercise, keeping your children healthy and happy!

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7 yrs and up

Helps kids build confidence

Teaches respect for others

Excellent form of exercise

Helps kids develop control of their emotions

You can start your martial arts journey today!

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Children Programs